PHIL SPECTOR TELLS ALL IN A HAWAIIAN SHIRT… and eventually in tops n tails. In the meantime, here’s a little taste.

Rachelle Spector, 30, may scoff at the notion that she’s a gold digger, saying she’s a devoted wife and supporter to her incarcerated producer/husband’s cause, oh yeah, and CFO of his music catalogue.

Harriet Ryan once wrote that Rachelle had arrived for lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel with a French-manicure and a hot pink BlackBerry when she ‘broke her silence’ for the first time after Phil began his 19 year sentence. “BROKE HER SILENCE” indeed, I do not recall Rachelle ever being silent. In fact, if I recall correctly, she was admonished on many occassions to shut her fkng mouth. But she never listens. Just like she didn’t listen when she was told she sucked as a singer and dancer. By Phil.

Instead, the *non gold digging work her ass off for her cause, errr husband’s cause wannabe pop sensation* went out and spent a fortune on hair extensions, new bbs, make-up by the elementary school down the street from the castle and some poor unsuspecting video crew/production staff that just keeps telling her how “great she looks, sounds, dances…” etc. Meanwhile, after watching the really bad video, followed by the even worse ‘out takes’ I had to wonder if they were all just taking the piss. Seriously, they were there, they had to have been just yukking it up while she changed into 50 different outfits. They KNOW that this was in no way a Phil Spector production. They are probably pretty sure that Phil Spector didn’t write the tunes either… nor were they once meant for Celine Dion.

But there she is anyhow, hands spread apart – singing about her farts – I mean heart. And how into it she is. I’m including some links here for follow up reading – brilliant is the comment section. Seriously, I wish some of those people would write for us! So make sure you read them!

D-Listed Awesome. Want a real L OH L – Start here. “Rachelle is serious with that title. Just like that bitch is serious about using every single eyeshadow shade in her Coastal Scents makeup palette.”

Perez Hilton Picture alteration alone is worth the price of the visit – which is free.

Gawker Bytemehard: I bet he wishes he were producing Out of My Cell.

PopEater “She’s fantastic on this album,” Spector said in a statement. Statement to who? this writer wants to know.

My favorite is Mick Brown’s fantastic take on the whole thing for Telegraph magazine! Check it out!

And, of course, you can increase her count, too, at’s ChelleSh0cked but be aware – she has disabled comments on her full video. ;-)

We won’t delete your comments here – if we don’t like it we just don’t like it.


And his trial bride running willy nily – spending up what’s in the till faster than she can license his legacy of music, (if only that was ALL she were doing with the music!). Good lord she is just as awful a singer at 30 something as she was at 20 something. More on that later!

Anyhow, I’ve had to resort to reading some old friends… and a couple new ones too! I am particularly enjoying this one blog I happened on written by a criminal attorney called Richard Hornsby. You can find many of my old night time, snuggled up in bed, reading about the local and not so local crime world blogging pals under the ‘favorites’ heading. The link above will take you to a particularly interesting post about a young man called Edwin McFarlane. He was arrested after helping a little girl locate her mother. Now, as Mr. Hornsby reports, the poor kids name has been drug through the mud – and he has now been portrayed as a burgeoning sex offender. Where is the real crime here? Hornsby takes you to it. I’ve been slowly making my way through his archives and am very impressed. I would have loved his take on the Spector series.

Here is a wonderful guest entry in its entirety and unedited.
From an email: I’m without words on this; she should have done this before Phil was put in prison, why now? Maybe everyone would have respected her a little more had she done so, but doing this after the fact makes her look like THE BLACK WIDOW trying to get famous off of Phil Spectors name and fame, She is the wife she should start acting like one instead of looking like the gold digger. I FEEL FOR PHIL AND IF HE FINDS OUT THAT I HAVE BAD MOUTHED HER AND DECIDES NEVER TO WRITE ME BACK I WOULD BE VERY SAD BUT I JUST CANT GO ON PRETENDING I AGREE WITH HER ACTIONS ANYMORE, he may say it is none of our business but in true reality we respect Phil a whole lot more than rachelle is right now. The audacity of her and also telling about her life, who cares the famous person is PHIL SPECTOR she was pretty much the trophy wife, going nowhere, Well I guess I did have words after all, Signed: Sandra, Phil Spector’s #7 fan always.

Sandra Horine

Supporters of Phil Spector are coming forward yet again; the most outspoken of these loyal supporters very well might be Ms. Sandra Horine. She is an articulate lady who has been a big fan of Phil’s for numerous years. She is on Team Spector’s top friends list. She has received letters from Phil in prison. Sandra is outraged by Rachelle Spector’s latest stunt: this time, it’s the revision to her own website. Up until fairly recently, the previous site was a simple black background with big white letters saying PHIL SPECTOR = INNOCENT. Plus “I love my husband,” and “Together for over 5 years, yeah us.” Simplistic, very Chelle-centric. But at least right away, you saw that it was at least partially about Phil.

Flash forward to this week. Mrs. Spector (with help of “girlwerks”)
has unveiled a new, glossier looking website. Black background is banished. Instead now we see a smiling, contented looking RS with a Pepto-bismol pink background, flaunting a big ring. How apropos considering her website is puke-inducing for Phil’s detractors AND fans alike.

Allow me to pick apart my observations, and I welcome all of yours!!
So please, fans of PS, don’t be scared, come forward.

What about this site do certain fans find offensive? The first link on the bottom left of RS’s page is “ABOUT RACHELLE.” Does that not speak volumes? After all it seems clearly it IS all about Rachelle. The first paragraph claims that RS is a “multi-talented woman with a legacy attached to her name.” In other words, PS has made her. Without PS, she’s nothing. In fact the entire first paragraph is all that PHIL has accomplished, no thanks to RS having ANYTHING to do with it.

The next paragraph describes an “ebullient” Mrs. Spector. She just loves remodeling homes and has a passion for it. Ok let’s get this straight, folks, PS is in PRISON and RS is gleefully going about her business. Then the site claims that RS is an accomplished musician, but where is the resume to back that one up? She claims she never knew who PS was. Now forgive me, but I’d think most musicians would of at least have some inkling? She also lies about where they met. She says Dan Tana’s. Mihelle Blaine, who has proof, says Jerry’s Deli-where RS worked as a lowly waitress. She tries to downplay her star-struck hungry for fame association with Spector. It should come across insulting to PS actually-for she says she grew up in a “different era” as if Spector is some musical dinosaur. But what I found most disturbing, as I am sure fans of PS would too, is the fact that RS gleefully goes on bragging about her OWN MUSIC, and that PS and RS are going to record seven more tracks to finish an album. First of all, how is that logistically possible? Her husband is in PRISON, being treated like a dog (as she has alleged). And she has the audacity to speak of her music that Spector will help her with right now, while he suffers?

If she does not want to come across as an opportunistic gold-digger, even the most passionate fan of PS cannot overlook this huge faux pas.

How about her mentioning how she just loves running, roller-blading, cycling and eating and indulging in ice cream occasionally and being oh-so-happy about how McDonald’s coke “for some reason seems to taste better than anyone else’s?” Or how she just loves to cook? FOR WHOM??? HER HUSBAND IS ROTTING IN PRISON, GETTING THREE SQUARE CRAPPY MEALS A DAY? Wasn’t she just interviewed saying how much she misses PS, wakes up in daily panic attacks, etc?

Does RS expect us to feel sorry for her as she says her dad was never really there for the family? She claims she had to assume an adult role early on and that somehow prepared her to care for her husband now. What has she done to help this guy? Well, she has done many interviews to any reporter who will listen. Team Spector has put up videos of her interviews, and I am confused by that. She simply does not make a good spokesperson for PS. She makes way too many conflicting statements and comes across as plastic and fake.

What might be most barf-worthy for non-fans and fans alike? She claims she will help restore PS’s name, honor and legacy. She plans to let “nothing stand in her way” of doing just that. In my opinion, her own words are standing in the way. In my opinion, this website does not scream “loyal supportive wife of Phil Spector,” but rather, “opportunistic gold-digger hoping to release a CD while her poor husband rots in prison.” Need any more convincing? If a picture paints a thousand words, you need only see the photo on her “links” page. There, the grieving, depressed wife of PS can be seen smiling, dressed to the nines, shiny car in the background and waving a “victory sign.” All whilst her husband is not feeling so victorious—in a hell called prison.

He Said, She Said

For Spector, the song and the recording were one thing, and they existed in his brain. When he went into the studio, it came out of him, like Minerva coming out of Jupiter’s head. Every instrument had its role to play, and it was all prefigured. — Jerry Wexler, Rolling Stone, 2005